All Types Of Commercial And Residential Wooden Door Installation, Steel Door Installation, Aluminum Door Installation, Exterior Door Installation, And Interior Door Installation In Lomita At Mister Handyman.

A home is nothing without doors. Not only do they provide safety and security, but they are also part of the home’s overall aesthetic. Doors come in many designs, colors, and materials, but those are nothing if the door isn’t installed correctly. A properly installed door saves you from many inconveniences in the future. The job of door & Window Installation should always be done by a professional. If you are in need of door installation, call a professional from Mister Handyman for proper installation.

Lomita Door Installation and Repair

Our Door Installation & Repair Services In Lomita

We can install and repair doors made of the following material:

  • Steel Doors Door Installation In Lomita
  • Wooden Doors Door Installation In Lomita
  • Aluminum Doors Door Installation In Lomita
  • Toughened Glass Doors Door Installation In Lomita

Commercial & Residential Door Installation In Lomita

We perform door installation and repair in the following areas:

  • Commercial Door Installation In Lomita
  • Residential Door Installation In Lomita
  • Industrial Door Installation In Lomita

Types of Doors We Install And Repair In Lomita

At Mister Handyman, we install and repair the following types of doors:

  • Door Installation Service in LomitaSteel Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Fiberglass Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Stile & Rail Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Sliding Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Storm Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Interior Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Exterior Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Sliding Glass Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Screen Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • French Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Pocket Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Sliding Barn Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Closet Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Patio Doors Installation In Lomita​
  • Garage Doors Installation In Lomita​

Whatever your needs are for any type of Door Installation And Repair, Mister Handyman is the only place that can meet your door installation and repair needs.

Door Installation In Lomita

Door Installation in Lomita


Doors are the basic elements of the safety and security of your home or office. If you have constructed a new building or you want to update your doors, contact us for a Door Installation service. Our interior and exterior door installation service enhances the beauty and appeal of your house. Improper installation of the door can cause air infiltration and cannot provide the protection you need. At Mister Handyman, our door installation technicians get the job done in a professional and thorough way. We have experience and the skills to install doors of any type and size.


Door Repair In Lomita

Door Repair Service in Lomita

Doors suffer a lot of wear and tear. Many old houses also have old doors that cannot be changed due to the style of the home. If you do not want to or don’t have the option to change an old, failing door, then repairing is the best option. When you call us at (800) 315-8050, you can have an insured and qualified professional get the job done quickly and thoroughly.


At Mister Handyman, we have the solution to every door problem in Lomita. If your door is hard to open or close, or the door locks can stop turning, it is the time to call a professional from Mister Handyman to restore it back to functionality.

Door Repair Services In Lomita

  • Sticking Doors Repair Services In Lomita
  • Squeaking Doors Repair Services In Lomita
  • Air Leaks Repair Services In Lomita
  • Damaged Door Jambs Repair Services In Lomita
  • Rotting / Soft Wood Repair Services In Lomita
  • Broken Door Locks Repair Services In Lomita
  • Screen Door Repairs Repair Services In Lomita

At Mister Handyman we have the solution to every door problem. We have a remedy for every door problem in Lomita. If your door is hard to open or close, and the door locks can stop turning, it is the time to call a professional from Mister Handyman to restore it back to functionality.

Why Choose Mister Handyman For Door Repair & Installation In Lomita?

Simple: we are experienced, quick, and responsive. Team Mister Handyman is trained and certified to handle every type of door installation and repair. Years of experience have equipped us to handle every door problem and fix it in a flash. We serve in the whole area of Lomita and are always ready to address your handyman needs—Ceiling Repair, Drywall Repair, Fence Installation, and many others. You can call us anytime. We respond to emergencies and on weekends too and will never charge extra for emergency service. We have earned a high reputation in the industry of door installation for our dedication to our work. Relying on us for your door installation and repairing gives you peace of mind and ease. To install and repair the door for your residence or office, call us today in Lomita.